With over 34 years of service we care about what we do. Here are some helpful tips:

What are the Three R’s of Recycling?

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Recycling is better than throwing something in the trash, which fills our landfills with wasted resources. Reusing an item before discarding it extracts more use value from the energy and materials embodied in the product. Ninety percent of the environmental impact resulting from the production of a product, including depletion of non-renewable energy and resource reserves, waste generation, and pollution, occurs before the product reaches the retail shelf. Reducing waste before it happens avoids these impacts.

What’s the best way to do a demolition project on a house?

  1. Take out metals and appliances in a house first including metal railings and aluminum windows. Place all of this in one container to be recycled later.
  2. Next cave the house in from the roof down to basement. The basement will then hold all of the trash. Put the trash into containers which will go to the landfill.
  3. Lastly cave in the foundations, steps and walls. Put the materials into containers to be recycled or for later use.

What are some ways to save on construction costs and be “eco-friendly”?

Separate usable items from waste if you are interested in reusing it on another part of the work site.

How can I protect lawns and driveways?

If a container, filled with concrete, is on the grass or driveway it may sink into the ground destroying parts of those areas. A way to protect these areas is to place boards underneath the wheels. That way they will not sink into the ground.

What makes up the cost of waste removal?

Recycling fees entail hauling and dumping. Wilenta Carting’s costs include picking up the materials and a cost from the waste plant for dropping the materials off.

Do space requirements affect how fast I can move my trash?

If you are in a space challenged neighborhood, we may be able to place the container in the driveway or on the street, depending on your town’s requirements. Wilenta can find out what those requirements are.

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